Learning Braille as a senior project.

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Retracing Steps

Hello again!
After two months of relative inactivity, I’ve finally had time again to resume memorizing the Braille alphabet. I’m hesitant to go on to the third session in my BRL (Braille through Remote Learning) because I don’t have all the alphabet memorized; I really want to get them down before I move on. Also, I really need to look online and order a little pocket Braille learning device, as shown below, to actually start developing touch sensitivity to the raised dots.

It’s $4.95 on Amazon:

and I’m wondering how well it actually works, and if it actually does provide good practice. I’m hoping to order it this weekend.

For right now, I’m just going to finish memorizing the rest of the Braille alphabet (and re-learning it from 2 months ago).


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