Learning Braille as a senior project.

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Braille Literacy

I recently found out that the Braille literacy rate for people with visual impairment is actually really quite low:a little less than 10%. Only 1 in 10 visually impaired people know Braille. This is partly because most people who are blind weren’t born blind, so they learned their native language, and it wasn’t until later in life that they developed serious sight loss. Thus, learning a language is harder for adults than it is for children, whose brains are still developing. Moreover, touch sensitivity in people’s fingers is lost as they grow older.


However, it’s extremely important for children to learn Braille, because it’s the only medium for true literacy that they have; while audiobooks and new technology comes very in handy with interacting and communicating with the world, learning Braille, or any language, activates and stimulates important parts of a child’s brain that deals with learning. It’s crucial to their development.


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